Exquisite Yew Wood Bowl by Haida Artist Jimmy Jones

Renowned Haida artist Jimmy Jones carved this stunning yew wood bowl, measuring 14″ long, 6.75″ wide, and 2.25″ high. Featuring intricate depictions of mosquitos and frogs, this piece highlights Jones’ remarkable talent. Carving yew wood is notoriously challenging due to its exceptional hardness, thus making this bowl a true testament to his skill. However, this unique piece has already been SOLD.

Celebrating Northwest Coast Wood Carvings and Basketry

Northwest Coast wood carvings and basketry play a vital role in the region’s ceremonies and cultural expressions. Indeed, artists from various Native nations create a wide array of wooden items, including totem poles, masks, bowls, rattles, paddles, and plaques. These creations preserve and celebrate the cultural heritage and traditions of the Northwest Coast.

The Significance of Totem Poles

In Northwest Coast villages, totem poles stand prominently as memorials to important ancestors, histories, or events. Typically, these poles display animal and bird crests significant to families, marking the origins of their histories. Consequently, communities erect totem poles to ensure their visibility and prominence.

The Role of Masks

Carved masks vividly represent animals, sea creatures, birds, and human and spirit figures. Moreover, these masks often embody the shaman’s spiritual helpers, which he calls upon in times of need. Additionally, people hang masks in their homes to ward off harmful spirits.

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Tribal Crafts offers an impressive selection of Northwest Coast masks, bowls, totem poles, halibut hooks, and fine spruce root Haida basketry. Many of these items are actively used in traditional ceremonies. Therefore, if you are interested in learning more, visit Tribal Crafts.

For further reading on Northwest Coast carving traditions, you can explore Schiffer Books.

yew wood mosquito frog bowl

Jimmy Jones   Haida

Mosquito frog bowl

Yew wood & abalone shell – 14 x 6.75 x 3.25 inches