This walrus ivory napkin ring with a polar head is from King Island. The polar bear teeth and tongue have been carved with exquisite detail. The Inupiaq artist is unknown. The traditional black and red ink have been used on the napkin ring which is 2.3″ wide, 1.9″ deep, and 1.6″ high. The walrus ivory napkin ring is priced at $425. The napkin ring is for US sale ONLY.

The Inupiaq people originate from the Kings Islands but now live on mainland Alaska. A tuberculosis outbreak during World War II, the closing of the school, other factors, and off-island economies lured families from King Island. Most of the families have been relocated since the 1970s. A number of Inupiaq live in the vicinity of Nome, Alaska. Baleen baskets are made by Inupiaq artists. The Inupiaq people are well known for making fine detail walrus carvings.

Whales and walruses are an essential nutritional and cultural marine resource used by Alaska Natives. The meat, blubber, skin, and organs provide a healthy and rich source of food. The hides are processed and used to cover boats. The tusks are used for creating ivory walrus carvings which are ultimately sold to collectors to provide income.

polar bear ivory napkin ring

Artist unknown    Inupiaq

Bear napkin ring

Walrus ivory & ink – 1.6 x 2.3 x 1.9 inches

$425 (for US sale only – excluding CA, NJ, & NY)