This Nunivak Island walrus tusk carving is a unique piece of fine art carved by an unknown artist. The carving has  26 figures (11 walrus, 6 seal, 6 red foxes, 1 beluga, 1 eagle, and 1 halibut. The caving was most likely made around 1925. A number of the figures have inlaid baleen eyes. Additionally colored red and black ink has been applied to some of the figures. The carving is 24″ long, 1.8″ wide, and 3″ high. This carving has been SOLD.

The Cup’it native people live on Nunivak Island and they have carved walrus tusks and produced native art with the finest detail. Nunivak Island is the third largest island off the coast of Alaska and is located in the Bering Sea. It is approximately 135 miles west of Bethel, Alaska. At the present time there are approximately 200 people living on Nunivak Island in one settlement, Mekoryuk. The Cup’it native people primarily subsist on the island’s wild mammals, including white and red foxes, as well as seals and walrus. Seals were hunted with spears in the spring from kayaks on the open sea and among ice floes, and in the autumn by cooperative netting tactics. For the 1880 U.S. Census, Nunivak Island first reported as having a population of 400 residents.



carved walrus tusk Nunivak Island

Artist Unknown   ca 1925

Carved walrus tusk from Nunivak Island- 26 figures (11 walrus, 6 seals, 6 red foxes, 1 beluga, 1 eagle, &  1 halibut)

Walrus ivory, ink & baleen – 3.0 x 24 x 1.8 inches    4.5 pounds