Native American Art with Exceptional Detail

Native American Art for Sale

At Tribal Crafts we take pride in offering a curated selection of Native American Art for sale, exclusively crafted by Native Artists. Our collection celebrates the rich cultural heritage and artistry of indigenous communities, featuring exquisite pieces renowned for their fine detail and craftsmanship. Our offerings include:

Haida Argillite Carvings

Description: Unique sculptures carved from argillite, a black slate found only on Haida Gwaii.
Highlights: Each piece showcases the Haida people’s traditional themes and intricate designs.

Alaskan Ivory Carvings

Description: Handcrafted items made from walrus ivory and baleen, reflecting Alaskan Native traditions.
Highlights: Delicate carvings and baskets that embody the cultural narratives and expert skills of Alaskan artisans.

Northwest Coast Carvings

Description: Artworks crafted from the finest woods and natural materials native to the Northwest Coast.
Highlights: Includes totems, masks, bowls, and baskets, all detailed with traditional motifs and techniques.

Inuit Tupilaks

Description: Mythical figures carved from various materials, often representing spirits or ancestral beings.
Highlights: Each tupilak is a unique piece, echoing the ancient stories and spiritual beliefs of the Inuit people.

Our Commitment

At Tribal Crafts, we are dedicated to supporting Native Artists and preserving their artistic traditions. We ensure that each piece in our collection is authentically crafted, offering our customers not just art, but a connection to the cultural heritage and stories of indigenous communities. Whether you are an art collector or simply appreciate the beauty of native craftsmanship, Tribal Crafts provides art that stands out for its exceptional detail and cultural significance.